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Programs Offered In High School In the life of a given student, passing through high school is vital. This means that a student should go for the most suitable chance they are offered. An exchange program student is given a great opportunity to learn their high school education in comparison to the usual high school process. Learning in a different setting is the characteristic offered by exchange program opportunities. A student with a certain career path in mind has various options of programs to pick from. The academic year program is one of the programs offered. This program takes students in the range of 15 to 19 age wise. Another plus is that a student needs to have learnt English for over three years as a prelude of undergoing the program. After having qualified all the needs, the student is given a host family that will house them while the program is ongoing. The program runs for an academic year or a semester. The next program offered is the private school program (PSP) where students can potentially stay for more than a year till they graduate. For this to be possible, the student has to obtain an F-1 type of visa. PSP students are a go to private schools because the criteria of picking them is usually very high and thus only high-quality students qualify. The qualifications majorly include; maturity, flexibility, ambition for success, integration abilities and a good command of the English language, both written and spoken.
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Short term programs (STP) are another type of program that high school exchange students take. They usually last for 2-8 weeks all depending on what the students looks forward to getting. This program does not have tight requirements. This is because most of the foreign students that take this program only aim to improve their English skills. Another aim is usually to gain more integration skills when they relate to the host family and the surrounding community. Additionally, they will go through a culture shock during their stay. The host high school also makes sure it has in place activities that will ensure that the students are well accommodated. This ensures that the students obtain the maximum experience in their duration. Most students prefer this for they get to experience as much they can.
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The final stage program is the vocational youth program. Graduates also seen as young adults are presented an opportunity to stay and intern in a foreign country. To aid in the work development of the graduates, there are internships for them to do so. Apart from learning new ways of living, they also advance. Other open door programs offer other students an opportunity to go to a country of choice and gain a similar experience.

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