Australian Travel Visas

Anybody wishing to travel to Australia, who does not hold an Australian or New Zealand passport, will require a travel visa. There are many different types of visas, depending on your requirements.

The most common types of visa are tourist visas, working holiday visas, business visas and student visas. There are also variations on these, such as short stay (3 month), 6 month or 12 month tourist visas.

Australian Tourist Visa (Short Stay)

An Australian tourist visa (ETA) allows you to visit Australia for the purpose of tourism. A tourist ETA is valid on your passport for 12 months from the date it is issued, and allows multiple trips to Australia within this time. However, each stay in Australia may not be for a period of longer than 90 days.

An ETA is issued through our computer system operated on behalf of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs of Australia. This authority to enter Australia as a visitor is electronically assigned to your passport.

When you check in Airport staff will confirm that you have a valid Australian tourist visa electronically as opposed to the old system of having a stamp in your passport.

Australian Working Holiday Visa

The Australian working holiday visa scheme provides a fantastic opportunity to travel round Australia, whilst earning money to subsidize your holiday. Under this visa, you are entitled to supplement your travel funds through temporary employment. You will have 12 months to enter Australia from the date of issue, and once you’re in Australia you are allowed to stay for up to 12 months. A condition of this visa is that you not be employed with any single employer for longer than 6 months.

You may also study or train for up to 4 months using your Australian working holiday visa. There is also the opportunity to extend Australia working holiday visas for up to another 12 months by completing 3 months seasonal work during your first 12 months.

Australian Business Visa

There are two sub-types of the Australian business visa.

1.The Australian short stay business visa remains valid on your passport for 12 months from the date of issue. You may enter Australia as many times as you wish during this period for business trips of up to 90 days at a time.
2.The Australian business visa (life of passport) is valid for the life of your passport, and again allows trips to Australia for up to 90 days to conduct business.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

A New Zealand working holiday visa permits travelers aged between 18 and 31 to travel around New Zealand for up to 12 months. These visas allow you to gain temporary employment to help with the cost of travel. There is an option to apply for a longer visa, but you may only work for a total of 12 months regardless of the length of your visa.

Other Australian Visas

The other types of Australian visas that are available are student visas, migration visas, business sponsored visas and partner visas (defacto/spouse/fianc�(c)). There are further eligibility requirements for these types of visas, and we suggest speaking to a specialist visa agent for more information about this.

Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest expanding cities and is also a bustling metropolitan. It is always brimming with life and teeming with activity and you just cannot manage to sleep in this city of life. It is a part of the UAE and is situated in the middle-east and all of its money comes from its oil resources and of course, tourism.

Tourism is a booming industry in Dubai and there are so many things for a tourist to do in Dubai, that no amount of time will be sufficient to visit every attraction in this city. So I’ll just round up tell you about the best of Dubai’s attractions. Dubai is currently constructing the world’s tallest tower, the Burj-Dubai Tower. The height of the Burj-Dubai tower has not been revealed as yet, but they are competing with other skyscrapers being built around the world. The Burj-Dubai tower is being built in close proximity to the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest malls. The Dubai mall coupled with the Mall of the Emirates is like heaven on earth for shoppers, because there is literally nothing that you will not find in these shopping malls. Dubai is known for shopping and it has raised its standards several fold, thanks to these 2 malls. The malls in Dubai play host to every single major brand in the world. So you don’t have to worry about running out of variety.

The next stop in the line is The Restless Planet, which is situated in the City of Arabia. The City of Arabia is a very huge theme park which is currently under construction, but will be open to visitors very soon. The Restless planet is actually a reconstruction of the famous Jurassic Park. It will consist of a horde of life-size robotic dinosaurs, each of which takes more than 6 months and a whole team of over-qualified professionals and researchers to build. Some of them are even being programmed to lunge at park visitors as they pass by. Impressed?

Next on the tour is Ski Dubai, the world’s largest indoor ski slope. Believe me when I say it is HUGE. It even has an indoor ski lift to take people to the top of the slope! Now how’s that for a surprise? Well, if you do get bored of skiing, you can always try out sand boarding, which is nothing but snowboarding, but on sand. The sand boarding session is usually coupled with the Dune bashing session, which is something that you absolutely cannot miss. The Dubai desert safari usually lasts for around half an hour, which usually involves driving on the edge of treacherously shaped sand dunes, not knowing whether or not you’ll live to see the next day’s light. It involves a million times more adrenalin than going on a roller coaster! Do not miss this. This is the highlight of your Dubai tour.

Well, there’s more. Dubailand, the world’s largest amusement park is being built as you read and when it throws open its gates to visitors, rest assured that you can expect nothing less than extravagant. Apart from these attractions, Dubai is also building three islands (they are totally man-made), all shaped like palm trees, which mostly consist of residential complexes and uber-sexy beach bungalows, each with a private beach! If you are lucky enough, you can easily spot the Palm Islands, from the air just before you land at Dubai Airport. Even if you do not manage to catch it then, you can always take a private aerial tour of Dubai in a helicopter.

There are also several projects which are coming up like �The Cloud, Dubai’, which is actually a resort, that is being built on stilts! Yeah. You read right. It is being mounted on 300 m poles which will extend right into the clouds over the Dubai skies. There is also another project, the Hydropolis, the 1st totally underwater hotel. The hotel’s guests will be brought to the hotel in submarines or a helicopter! Stunned! Well, don’t be, because this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With an alarming number of 5 star hotels coming up, Dubai has groomed itself to be the most exciting place for the modern traveler. Right from skiing, to exotic hotels, to typical Arabian attractions, Dubai has it all and it will stop at nothing to attract tourists from all around the world to feast on its magnificence. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun!

Lose Yourself On A Luxury Golf Tour

Do you love to play golf? If you are a golf enthusiast then we have some good news for you. You might have gone for vacations with friends or families but have you thought of a golfing vacation – A luxury golf tour? If not then think about it. Not only will you be playing golf in some of the best golf courses in the world but also you will be visiting some of the amazing places in Earth. So I recommend you to visit South Africa in a luxury golf vacation.

South Africa is a wonderful country situated at the southern most part of the African continent. It is a very diverse rich in natural beauty. It is diverse country with many cultures and races living in harmony. South Africa is home to many wildlife and beautiful forests and mountains. It is also a premier destination as far as golf is related. It is an international golfing destination with amazing and famous golf courses which are designed by some of the top names in the sport. So one can see signature golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Ernie Els, Annika Sorenstam, Retirf Goosen and Gary Player. So one can imagine how thrilled amateur golfers would feel play in these famous golf courses.

A luxury golf tour is very easy to plan. Of course there are a lot of tours and travel agencies that conduct luxury golf travel packages all around the world and of course South Africa too. Or even if one chooses not to be a part of a travel agency then he can book one of the many flights to South Africa and come. There are plenty flights available from across the world which connects South Africa. You can book one of the beautiful and luxurious hotels and resorts available in most of the big cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria etc.

With five-star accommodation one can feel at ease with excellent service offered by the hotel staff and they are very hospitable. They can arrange for travel within the city. They can also advise on which places to visit and they will be more than pleased to make arrangements. So you are not playing golf you can visit the wildlife by going on a safari. You can also soak in the culture of the place by experimenting their traditional cuisines. Stroll on the vast and beautiful beaches and you can also dive underwater to see ocean life.

Dalaman Guide to a Top Turkish Holiday Destination

Turkey is a very popular holiday destination for tourists, and its popularity is growing all the time. It’s no surprise really: the country boasts an excellent climate, a fascinating history and a huge range of attractions.

But where should you go, and where is the best place to arrive for your airport transfers? Dalaman is a great option on all counts and its airport is the gateway to the entire region. Here is a brief guide.


The town is located in a district that also shares the name on the southwest coast of Turkey. As mentioned, it is home to an international airport, making it a popular place to pick up convenient airport transfers. Dalaman is very easy to access, and there are many other resorts nearby that you can get to with ease – including Marmaris and Dalyan.

Getting There

This is the main international airport in the region, and the best way to arrive in the country. If you are planning to spend your holiday in one of the nearby resorts, you will find it a breeze to arrange airport transfers. Dalaman town centre is just a few kilometres from the airport, so you will arrive at your base in no time.

Things to See and Do

There are plenty of things to do in the town and the surrounding area. You can visit Saklikent Gorge, a 17-mile-long gorge popular with adventure day trippers – but be warned, you’ll have to enjoy climbing waterfalls and getting very wet! For something more relaxing, go on a day trip to the Mud Baths of Dalyan. These famous baths are one of the biggest attractions in Turkey, and you can relax in the warm mud and enjoy the healing properties it has for various skin conditions.

For some fun in the sun, one of the best nearby beaches is Patara Beach, a nine-mile strip of sand that you will have virtually to yourself. The sand is soft, the water shallow and there are even the remains of ancient Roman ruins to explore in the sand dunes.
You could also head to Kekova and see the underwater town of Dolchiste, which sank following an earthquake. Hire a canoe and float above it, gazing down at the ancient streets – it’s an amazing experience.

Enjoy the Turkish Culture and Cuisine

A holiday in this region is a great opportunity to discover more about Turkish culture and cuisine. In particular, one thing to look out for is the traditional Turkish dances. These are important all over the country, and there are various folk dances to observe – with the Horon being one of the most popular.

Coffee and tea play a big role in the culture. As you may know, Turkish coffee is quite different from the coffee we normally drink. It is cooked slowly in a copper pot – and you will find it is very, very strong! Tea, called ‘�ay’, is normally served in a glass and topped up as fast as you drink it. You will likely be offered tea if you visit a local home or shop.

As for food, you will eat well when you stay here! Enjoy meze, which is a bit like tapas, consisting of various small dishes. It’s served between lunch and dinner to keep hunger at bay, and also serves as a social occasion. Also look out for Turkey’s famous kebabs, stuffed aubergine and the delicious Midye dolma, which are mussels stuffed with rice.

There are few more fascinating places to visit than this beautiful region. If you are planning airport transfers, Dalaman is likely the place you will arrive. Whether you stay in the town or travel to one of the surrounding resorts you won’t be disappointed.

Could Meribel Hold The Key To Your Tour De France Dreams

The 2014 Tour De France kicked off in Leeds last week with an estimated 5 million Brits turning out over the first few stages to watch, before it made it’s way across the pond for the final leg. 5 million people is a lot of cycling fans, who knew us Brits were such fans of the bike?

According to a report by the national cycling charity CTC it was revealed that 43% of us own or have access to a bike and that miles travelled by bike in the UK is up 20% in the last 15 years. This information plus the Tour De France kicking off in the UK to 5 million eager spectators, I think it’s safe to say that cycling has made its mark.

Whilst there is beautiful countryside in the UK to explore by bike, what do you do if you live in a city or don’t have the means to get from the city to the countryside? Why not plan a cycling holiday?

Did you know that Meribel in France has been a designated Mountain Bike Venue by the French Cycling Federation since 1998?

Did you know there are over 150km of marked trails? 3970m of marked decent trails and a huge range of single track, downhill and lift assisted cross-country tracks to choose from?

Well it does. Whilst the Tour De France might have you inspired, these tracks are to be explored at your own pace, perhaps with friends or family in tow. The beautiful surroundings and glorious climate make for the greatest cycling holiday possible.

Meribel was once described as “quite simply a paradise for the discerning mountain bike enthusiast,” and we couldn’t agree more. With great scenery, great food and great accommodation Meribel has it all.

In Meribel, chalets are the accommodation of choice as they are spacious, comfortable and range from family size to group. The summer season breathes new life into Meribel chalets, which would otherwise only be used during the ski season.

Worried about your bike? Don’t be. Whilst flying your bike over on a commercial airline is possible, it’s not practical, especially when you can hire great quality bikes throughout Meribel. Hire shops will have everything you need from bikes to bells and helmets to high vis jackets.

We started with the question, “Could Meribel Hold The Key To Your Tour De France Dreams?” and I think you’ll find the answer is yes.

Smart And Safe Travel Tips For The Business Woman

Women today travel constantly and that too all over the world. Most manage to successfully juggle a professional life with a private one. Statistics reveal that almost 50% of business travelers are women and the number continues to grow each day. Travel at short notice means being organized and ready to go. Be smart and plan well ahead.

1.Keep on tab a list of baby sitters who would be willing to pitch in, even overnight if required. Keep a small book handy in which you jot down things like what the kids eat, their schedules, important phone numbers, likes and dislikes, as well as numbers of the doctors and list of medications including known allergies.

2.Keep a travel bag always packed and ready to go. Pack a combination of clothes so that they will tide you over irrespective of the weather in your destination. Wear easy to maintain and dark colors on trips. They don’t show stains, are wrinkle free and will drape well.

3.Always eat lightly and foods that are cooked avoid raw salads and water as well as ice. It is wise to snack before a flight and also to try and sleep during flight. This way you will arrive at your destination refreshed. Be sure to drink plenty of bottled water during travel.

4.Set up a schedule to call home at time zones that work for you and your loved ones. Make it a point to get mementoes for your family members as also the baby sitter and others who pick up the slack while you are away. It shows them that you care.

5.Put safety first always place a do not disturb sign on your hotel door and if nervous place a chair under the door knob like they do in movies. Keep your cell phone on and fully charged by you at all times and carry protection in the form of pepper spray, an alarm, or if you are trained and licensed a small weapon with its safety on. In most cities the police organize training classes for women to learn how to protect themselves and what one must do in an emergency. Try and make time to attend these.

6.Avoid dark lanes and abandoned roads. Never talk to strangers or accept food or drink from someone you don’t know. While traveling never leave food or drink unattended. Be vigilant at all times.

7.Choose a hotel with care. Choose to stay at well established hotels or small inns and B&B where the proprietors are generally family people. Always e-mail and fax details of your staying arrangements and travel plans to your home as well as office.

8.Always carry important documents, money, traveler’s checks, and passport in a money belt worn around your waist.

9.Always act confident and move around in groups there is always safety in numbers.

10.If unwell go to a state run hospital. Never to a private clinic.

11.Never travel with valuables like jewelry and always carry a small flashlight and medical kit with you.

12.For safety reasons arrange with your family to take appropriate action if you do not get in touch with them as planned.

Avoid room service and eat in the hotel dinning room. Also never reveal details of where you come from or your travel plans to anyone.

Be vigilant and smart and you will be able to travel often and safely.

Tips For Finding The Finest Holiday Travel Deals On-line

offers us access to absolutely anything we will imagine. This consists of finding flights, trains, buses, lodge rooms, and rental cars that we are able to use to journey for the holidays. While most of these entities are dearer if you travel over the vacations due the demand, you can nonetheless discover some good deals in case you take the time to look.

You will typically discover which you can save probably the most cash on vacation travel if you purchase a complete package deal deal. That is cheaper than buying each piece that you need individually. It also supplies you with only one affirmation number that you could maintain monitor of as an alternative of several totally different ones.

There are literally a whole bunch of websites on-line where you may search for vacation travel deals. You’ll be able to search by your vacation spot in a search engine or choose the various websites you may have heard about. It’s a good idea to maintain a listing of the sites you visit and the prices you are coming across. This way you’ll be able to examine the prices and easily keep in mind where you want to go back to.

Most of the time fares will be cheaper online than by contacting the place directly because it saves their business time of having to set up the journey preparations for you. Be sure you carefully read all the information though as a result of some journey offers have hidden costs that you simply don’t need to be liable for. You additionally have to check into the cancellation policies and about rescheduling your trip.

Some on-line travel offers don’t provide any refunds at all so if a family member dies or you’ve got an unexpected illness you won’t be capable to get your cash back. Even for those who show up late to your flight since you bought caught up at safety they won’t honor your purchase. This may be extremely dangerous as a result of there are too many variables that may affect vacation travel.

Ensure you additionally pay shut attention to the period of time that you’ll be in the process of attending to your destination. Chances are you’ll discover a killer worth however it isn’t going to be price it if you have several connecting flights and layovers alongside the way. Search for direct methods to get to your destination whenever it’s possible. There are simply too many delays throughout holiday journey to make sure you may get to these connections on time.

Most of the websites you go to online will enable you to sign up for special affords and promotions. You must make the most of these provides so that you simply don’t have to continually return to their site to verify for modifications in prices. Some of them even will let you enter a price so that you can be notified if the value of the journey you need drops to that price. For those that can solely afford holiday travel if it matches a specific finances, it is a useful feature.

Throughout your search online for vacation travel, be versatile along with your dates. You will be able to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars simply by being willing to leave a day earlier or leaving in the evening as a substitute of the afternoon. People who want a specific journey association will find this ties them into more expensive offers. Even when you journey a day earlier and should pay for a hotel room that extra night time you could possibly save a whole lot of dollars.

Throughout your search on-line for vacation travel, be flexible along with your dates. You will be able to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars just by being keen to go away a day earlier or leaving in the evening instead of the afternoon. People who desire a particular travel association will find this ties them into costlier offers. Even for those who travel a day earlier and must pay for a hotel room that additional evening you can save lots of of dollars.

In the Foothills of the Kumaon

Breathtakingly beautiful mighty mountains, pristine lakes, lovely sand dunes and salt deserts spreading as far as the eyes can see, dense forests filled with magnificent creatures of the wild, beaches….. Could Nature have been more partial to a nation than it has been to India? A lifetime becomes insufficient to savour all of its flavours. It does not end with geography either. To relish India’s diversity, one needs to mingle with the people of the place one visits, understand the depth of their rock-solid faith, listen to their fascinating folklore and cultivate friends with generous doses of trust and unadulterated love.
One of the first destinations in my journey to explore this fascinating land was the Kumaon. While it was chosen by a Dilliwaala tormented by the blistering summer heat as a convenient option not too far from home, the magic of Kumaon keeps pulling me back like some Pied Piper playing his pipe every other summer. You have to be there in the foothills of the Kumaon to feel charged by the aura of a people known for their simplicity, valour, love for the divine and closeness to nature.
Kumaon and Garhwal are the two administrative divisions of Uttarakhand. Some of Kumaon’s well known districts are Nainital, Almora, Pithoragarh and Udham Singh Nagar. What is particularly fascinating about Kumaon is the feeling of being surrounded by some predictably honest and loving people on the one hand and by some ferocious and unpredictable creatures of the wild on the other. The valour and character of the Kumaonis have been shaped by their faith and a rich history as much as by the geography of their abode. Even as their physical strength was developed by the tough climate and terrain and a life among the big cats, their spirit of valour was cultivated by defending Kumaon from powerful invaders in the medieval times, who, despite capturing Delhi, could not completely subjugate the Kumaonis. No surprise then that the British raised a Kumaon Regiment, recognising the Kumaonis as a prominent martial race like the Rajputs, Sikhs and Marathas among others.
They are people who believe in celebrations, mostly dedicated to the divine. Dassehra or Bijaydashmi is notable among Kumaoni events, with a musical rendering of the Ramayan. Other Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Shivratri, Janmashtmi are celebrated with gusto even as much celebration follows a harvest too. The Kumaoni theatre form has a rich heritage and has evolved over centuries. Their simple and nutritious food – vegetables and pulses are the mainstay – reflects a life of harmony with Nature and the need to stay robust in the face of the climatic conditions and a physically demanding life.
So, what are you waiting for when cooler climes, warm hearts and the call of the wild beckon you to the Kumaon? Concerned about suddenly stepping out of the comforts of modern city life? Places in the heart of Kumaon can give you a taste of the rustic and the wild even as you dine and sleep in comfort. Consider options like the Jaagar Village Resort, spread over seven acres right next to the Jim Corbett National Park. The fact that it is the creation of veterans of the Kumaon makes the experience of staying here a genuine one – eco-friendly cottages, rows upon rows of organically cultivated fruit trees and vegetable kitchen gardens, rustic experiences – all in the true spirit of the Kumaon. So just go ahead and add a touch of Kumaon to your life. I bet, it will just be the beginning of a tale of love and Wildlife adventure.

Malta Holidays Guide For Flights, Hotels And Sightseeing

When you check out the cheap Malta holidays or the all inclusive holidays in the Malta holidays guide, you know that there is a way to book extremely entertaining and affordable trip at a same time. You will need to be smart about the choices you make. But, this tropical island is full of fun sightseeing and activities so that you never need to look elsewhere for a good time. So, what are top Malta travel tips for 2014?


There are frequent and cheap flights to Malta available from most European destinations. So, the smart choice is to research well and book them for your Malta holidays. So, compare the flight prices and find the exclusive Malta flights and book them. Malta holiday guides cannot help you much as it is all about the online search, but the right bookings can be perfect for a short city break, honeymoon package or a water sports adventure to Malta. So, use your online search and book the cheap flights to Malta.

You can also book a cheap Malta holidays that includes exclusiveMalta flights and hotel accommodations along the hotel-assignedsightseeing and activity travel. Though, all Malta holiday guides do not recommend these trips, they can be the cost efficient ones, if you choose well. Consider how you can combine the cheap flights to Malta with all inclusive Malta holiday deals to get the fun and affordable stay in Malta.


But, if you want to explore different parts of this fun island, enjoy meals at different restaurants and live holistically in your Malta holidays, then the all inclusive holiday deals in Malta are not for you. You may need to explore the Malta holidays guide a bit more to hunt out exclusive Malta flights and hotel deals, you can discover the fun and affordable infrastructure to the sightseeing and activities of your choice. If you plan to enjoy the sightseeing and the water sports in Malta like scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, sailing and more, then you may not need the hotel with two swimming pools and tennis court because you would be out of the hotel for most of the time. So, consider the Malta holiday itinerary you want and book the three-star or four star hotels accordingly.


Malta holiday guide is full of historic architecture, shopping avenues, restaurants, night clubs, water sports, etc. You can go play golf, visit a spa for couple’s massage or sunbathe on a yacht. These leisure activities cost you. So, you can skip them check out the local museums, free local entertainment in the restaurants and visit beach parties. There are different versions of fun available based on the funds in your pocket and choices in your mind. So, explore Malta holiday guides to pick out the ones that you want to enjoy and have fun on your Malta holiday.

Best Ways to Experience London on Your Vacation

London is the capital city of England and the largest city in the UK. With a rich history and blend of cultural groups, it offers a mix of activities and enjoyment for tourists looking for fun and adventure or relaxation and leisure. Almost 14 million tourists visit London each year, which makes it one of the most travel cities in Europe and in the world.

London has an oceanic climate with warm summers and cool winters. Extreme weather is rare, thus making the city a good place to enjoy outdoor activities, sports, and some biking around the city. If you are traveling to the city in summer or winter, you can still enjoy the outdoors for some leisure or sightseeing around the city. You can start by booking a good accommodation with easy access to major attractions.

Whether you are staying for weeks or a short weekend stay, planning your itinerary will help you maximize your time and get the best of what London has to offer. List down the attractions you wish to visit and enjoy. Some of the well-visited tourist spots in the city are the famous Globe Theatre, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Queen’s Residence at Buckingham Palace, the Olympic Stadium, the Canary Wharf, and the legendary Palace of the Westminister, which is a historic architecture and landmark built in 1858.

You can travel around the city in London’s double-decker bus. You can sit at the top deck and enjoy the sights and the bustling hub of old and new. From the iconic Tower Bridge and the Big Ben or Clock Tower of London to the modern skyscrapers, you get a dose of old and new London at its best. A visit in this city is also never complete without taking a ride at the London eye, an iconic ferris wheel that offers a great bird’s eye view of the city’s beauty and glory.

If you want to explore the city’s great modern culture, head out to London’s friendly pubs. The booming pub scene in the city offers tourists a good time for some drinking, fun, and entertainment. The premiere markets are also nearby if you are looking to discover London’s fresh local produce. The Borough Market is also a fun place to visit if you want to have a taste of the city’s delicious gourmet pastries, cheeses, and other treats.

There are hundreds of things to do in the city and places to explore. For some quiet time and relaxation, you can visit the wonderful parks or spend time at nearby cafes. Plan your itinerary well and be able to include some sightseeing, recreation, and leisure to your trip. You can even watch classic plays or modern performances at London’s famous theatres, cinemas, and concert halls. Make the experience an unforgettable one and you’ll visit again soon for another glimpse of the fun and fascinating city that is London. You can check out this travel website to find out more about the great tourist attractions in London and in other European destinations or watch trip to London video at for more info.